1.1. The Bally Rewards program (“Bally Rewards”) is valid from the date of its publication and until such time as we make Bally Rewards available in its current form (the “Bally Rewards Period”).


2.1. Bally Rewards is offered to you by Bally Bet ("Bally Bet") on the platform operated and controlled by or on behalf of Bally Bet and located at the principal URL and any mobile or device specific version and any related applications of such platform (“Platform”), which is operated by Bally’s Canada Inc, registered with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (“AGCO”) and operating pursuant to an operating agreement with iGaming Ontario (“iGO”). Bally’s Canada Inc is a limited company registered under the laws of the Province of Ontario with company number 002808336 with its principal place of business is at 20, Duncan Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5H 3G8. Bally Rewards is an online gaming-only loyalty program awarding Bally Bucks (“Bally Bucks”) and it is separate to any land casino-based rewards loyalty program that may be offered at the physical property at Bally Bet. The following further general rules apply:

2.1.1. You must be 19 years old or over, a registered Member of the Platform ("Member") and present in the province of Ontario. You must be a Member of the Platform, which means that you must have a valid registered internet account with the Platform. You can sign up as a Member here: By participating in Bally Rewards you agree to comply with these Bally Rewards rules (“Bally Rewards Rules”), which are subject to and incorporate the Platform Terms and Conditions ("Platform Terms and Conditions"), which can be found here: All Platform Terms and Conditions and these Bally Rewards Rules apply.

2.1.2. Any Member whose account has been suspended, is self-excluded, excluded, has requested a cooling-off period, or is included on any responsible gaming restricted list will not be permitted to participate in Bally Rewards.

2.1.3. Employees of Bally’s Corporation and group companies, and their immediate family members, their affiliates and subsidiaries are not permitted to participate in Bally Rewards.

2.1.4. Closure of your Member account prior or during the Bally Rewards Period or before any Bally Bucks are credited to your Member account will disqualify you from Bally Rewards and you will not be eligible to take part in Bally Rewards.


3.1. By setting up a Member account, you also activate a Bally Rewards account in which you will generate Bally Rewards loyalty points (“Bally Bucks”) every time you wager on any Bally Bet casino game on the Platform. Wagers on any Bally Bet sports games on the Platform, Games played in demo mode and Free Spins do not accrue Bally Bucks.


4.1. The rate at which Bally Bucks are earned: You will earn one (1) Bally Buck as set out in the table below, depending on the game type and amount wagered.

Game type

1 Bally Buck for every:

All Slots and Instant Wins

$20 wagered

Baccarat and roulette

$100 wagered

All other casino and live casino games (including Blackjack and Video Poker)

$250 wagered

4.2. Redeeming Bally Bucks

4.2.1. Bally Bucks can be converted to Bonus Money on the Platform. The minimum number of Bally Bucks you can convert to Bonus Money at any one time is one (1) Bally Buck, which converts to $0.01. Converted Bonus Money will be credited directly into your Member account immediately, and in case of any technical issues, no later than three (3) business days after the day on which Bally Bucks were converted into Bonus Money.

4.2.2. Bonus Money must be played online, is not redeemable for cash and expires after thirty (30) days of being credited. Members need to wager once through Bonus Money on any Bally Bet game(s) on the Platform before they can withdraw their winnings. Bonus Money will be wagered through before your cash balance. All Bonus Rules apply:

4.3. Conversions are final: All conversions of Bally Bucks are final and cannot be reverted. Once you have converted your Bally Bucks to Bonus Money, we can't change them back into Bally Bucks. Please make sure you are certain before you choose to redeem your Bally Bucks.

4.4. Expiry of Bally Bucks: Bally Bucks will expire twelve (12) months after the last wager on any Bally Bet casino game on the Platform recorded by us on your Member account. To maintain your Bally Bucks balance, you must earn a minimum of one (1) Bally Buck within twelve (12) months of earning your previous Bally Buck.

4.5. Changes to the rate Bally Bucks are earned: We may change the rate at which Members earn Bally Bucks at any time during the Bally Rewards Period and notify you of any such changes.

4.6. Changes to redeeming Bally Bucks: We may withdraw, amend or add redemption options at our discretion. If we withdraw, amend or add a redemption option, we will fulfil any outstanding redemption orders, and we will notify you of any such changes.

4.7. Closure of Bally Rewards account: We may close a Bally Rewards account linked to a Member account that is suspended, closed or where we believe Bally Bucks have been earned fraudulently. We may withhold or cancel any Bally Bucks in any Bally Rewards account or Member account at our sole discretion.

4.8. Restrictions: Bally Bucks can only be redeemed on the Platform and cannot be transferred between Member accounts. Credit balances are non-transferable, including upon death or divorce.

4.9. Member accounts: Bally Bucks will be forfeited if Members are found to have more than one Member account. The benefits of Bally Rewards are intended and only for the use of the Member listed on the account. A Member may not allow any other person to use his or hers Bally Bucks or access his or her Member account.


5.1. Bally Rewards can only be accessed through the Platform.

5.2. You must meet the eligibility requirements to participate in Bally Rewards.

5.3. Management of Bally Bet will be the sole judge of eligibility and all disputes will be resolved at Bally Bet’s sole discretion.

5.4. Bally Bet reserves the right to cancel or change Bally Rewards at any time at their discretion without notice or cause. All dates and times are subject to change.

5.5. Bally Bet is not liable for any program malfunctions resulting in invalid value.

5.6. Bally Bet reserves the right to void Bally Rewards for any individual who violates any Platform Terms and Conditions and these Bally Rewards Rules.

5.7. By participating in Bally Rewards, you consent to the collection and use of your personal information in accordance with these Bally Rewards Rules and our Privacy Policy.

5.8. Bally Rewards is subject to all applicable laws and regulations, including gaming.

5.9. If any provision of these Bally Rewards Rules is deemed invalid or unenforceable by law or regulation, such provision shall be deemed void only for the specific jurisdiction at issue, but all other provisions will remain in full force and effect.

5.10. Void where prohibited by law.

5.11. Any applicable taxes, tax liabilities, fees or other charges resulting from the accumulation or use of Bally Bucks and Bally Rewards benefits are the responsibility of qualifying Members.